Shannon Webster
Studio & Gallery

Oil, Acrylic, Pastels, and Mixed Media Paintings

Shannon is a highly skilled artist based in Columbia, Missouri, known for his command of various mediums and painting styles, with a particular focus on oil painting. His artistic talent shines through in paintings featuring innovative compositions that highlight landscapes, architecture, and technical structures. Shannon’s unique style engages viewers through his masterful use of color, textures, and scale, effectively conveying energy, movement, and mood.

Situated in the heart of downtown Columbia’s arts district, Shannon’s art studio and gallery provide a window into his diverse range of artworks, including oil, acrylic, pastel paintings, mixed media, as well as framed prints. Notably, nearby is one of Shannon’s projects—a mural measuring an impressive 70 ft x 30 ft. Located in the Wish Tree Courtyard, named after the mural itself, this captivating artwork showcases a giant tree adorned with wish-filled hangtags. Additionally, trompe l’oeil style windows beautifully reflect iconic city landmarks such as Jesse Hall, the Tiger Hotel, and Columbia’s City Hall.

Studio Location

You can find Shannon’s studio entrance in North Village Alley (also known as Wabash Alley), just north of Walnut St., between Orr St. and 10th St., near Fretboard Coffee at 1023 E Walnut St, Columbia, MO 65201. The studio is open at various times throughout the week, including First Fridays. Feel free to stop by or schedule a visit by emailing or using the website contact form.

Original Paintings

Click below to browse original oil, acrylic, pastel, and mixed media artworks by Shannon Webster. Explore familiar landscapes, buildings, bridges, cityscapes, and more, each one a unique expression of artistic vision.

Framed Canvas and Paper Prints

Canvas and paper prints custom-made or ordered to fit your space and budget.

The Studio/Gallery

Shannon’s studio and gallery space is located in the heart of the North Village Arts District.